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Single Visit Endodontics

Prognosis & Post Operative Pain

Case Selection
Method of Preparation of Root canal
Method of Obturation
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Single sitting RCT is highly technique sensitive treatment & requires high level of accuracy. Unfortunately, many dentists don't follow all the specifications & basic rules of canal preparation & obturation completely, resulting in unfavorable prognosis. Many dentists still consider pulp extirpation is only thing requires for successful RCT. I will again like to stress that REMOVAL OF INFECTED DENTIN, PROPER IRRIGATION OF ROOT CANAL SYSTEM & THREE DIMENSIONAL HERMAETIC SEAL OBTURATION are three most important things required for success & favorable Prognosis.

The overall prognosis of a systematically completed Single Visit Root Canal Treatment is undoubtedly Good

Post Operative Pain:-

Single Visit RCT causes post operative pain rarely if done properly. Usually reliving tooth from occlusion gives sufficient rest to tooth & removes its tenderness within 3-4 days. Post operative pain can be controlled effectively with Diclofenac Sodium, Aceclofenac, Ibuprofen etc. NSAIDs & seldom requires Opoid Analgesics like Tramadolol.


This site is dedicated to SINGLE SITTING ENDODONTICS, a branch of dentistry related to Root Canal Treatment  completed in just one visit & allied matters.