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Single Visit Endodontics

Case Selection & Pre-Operative Medication

Case Selection
Method of Preparation of Root canal
Method of Obturation
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Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment is one of the most advancing Branch of Endodontics.


Previously, it was considered to be painful after obturation specially in non-vital teeth.

But now, with revolutionary changes in concepts, it is considered as a routine & painless procedure even in non-vital teeth cases. Rather statistics reveals that single visit endo procedure causes pain less frequently than multiple visit endo procedure.


Canal Disinfection by Intra Canal Medicament is also now a days considered as least useful. Instead immediate sealing of main root canal, lateral accessory canals & dentinal tubules by 3 dimensional obturation gives prompt healing. Also bacteria in dentinal tubules get killed due to deprivation of nutrition.


Another main issue is the time! Critics claim that Single sitting RCT requires a lot of time. This claim also failed due to advancement of NiTi Rotary files i.e. Rotary Endodontics. So an average time required for Single Sitting RCT is 45mins to 60mins (for access opening to obturation).

These things made this procedure now days very popular among Dental Surgeons as well as patients

Case Selection:-
There is as such no contrindication for Single visit RCT. The only contraindication is swelling & continuous pus /exudate discharge from canal. in these cases also you can perform single sitting RCT but it should be accompanied by surgical help (Incision & Drainage, Apicocectomy etc.) In all other cases, one can do single sitting RCT. Even non vital tooth with periapical pathology but without intraoral/extraoral swelling are equally good candidate for Single visit RCT.

Pre-Operative Medication:-
There are always chances of Phoneix Abscess / Phoneix Reaction, specilly in non vital teeth cases. Though the chances are rare bt chances are there! It is always a good idea to start Antibiotics 3 days prior to RCT. Antibiotics should be selected carefully because of antibiotic resistance which may differ from city to city (e.g. now a days there is resistence developed for Cefadroxil, Amoxycillin, Roxithromycin in Mumbai region whereas these antibiotics still works well in Nagpur, Akola & Vidarbha Region). Choice of antibiotic should be done by your own clinical experience & judgement. To be on safer side, I will advice to do culture& antibiotic sensitivity tests regularly, sothat we get regular update about antibiotics efficacy.
Antibiotic of my choice or the antibiotic which I prefer the most is LEVOFLOXACIN 500mg OD for 5 days. It give good results in Mumbai.

This site is dedicated to SINGLE SITTING ENDODONTICS, a branch of dentistry related to Root Canal Treatment  completed in just one visit & allied matters.