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Single Visit Endodontics

Method of Obturation

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Method of Obturation
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Methods of Obturation:-
      There are various techniques of Obturation of Root Canal space 3 dimensionally. All methods are equally effective provided obturation is done exactly till apex.
     If there is over instrumentation then there are chances of over obturation by vertical condensation. So in such cases, We advise you for lateral condensation method.
     Similarly, if instrument can't reach till apex due to severely curved canals, ledge formation or accesory canals in apical delta etc., We advice you for vertical condensation method.
     The method of choice, which we highly appreciates & recommends is thermoplastic G.P. 3D obturation system, in which thermoplastic G.P.coated Obturators are placed in oven for recommended time for softening & then they are placed in canal with applicators. Thermoplastisized G.P. flows three dimensionally in all small fins, fine curvatures lateral accesory canals creating a tight hermetic seal.

Choice of Sealer:-

There are various types of root canal sealers. The sealers which we recommends you is Resin Based sealers. They undoubtedly create hermetic seal if used properly. Only in some exceptional cases, where there are chances of phoenix reaction, you may use steroid based sealers. Also in cases like Open Apex, one can use Ca(OH)2 based Sealers (preferably along with MTA insulating base at apex)


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